Holiday Hamsters

Did not fully reach the goal set for this year to get ready with all the behind the scenes functionality. But not that far from the end, a few days next year and should be ready to get going with the actual game creation. Perhaps even get some nice placeholder things going, who knows.

To summarize the year...

1. Been a blast doing all development in Linux. Thanks KDE Neon, Unity, Gimp, Inkscape, Visual Studio Code, Synfig Studio and so forth!

2. C# suits me fine!

3. Unity suits me fine! Find it amazing that with only a few platform specific functions for mouse/touch everything else is the same code, yet game runs on Linux, Mac, Windows, WebGL, Android, iOS.

4. Completely unrelated, Raspberry Pi has been an interesting new acquaintance.

5. That in turn led to all the other small, tiny devices. Soon my current sewage monitor project will give me great relief when it makes sure that, hrm, stuff stay below a certain level.

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Dec 15, 2017

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