Game created for SteemitJam #4 (

Game is fully playable but lacks sound, proper graphics and all features. Hopefully will have some time and continue on it after the jam.

Works best on a computer or pad. It is OK to use a mobile phone, but your fingers might get in the way.

How to play

Click/touch and hold to move the player (the blue square). Collect the white stars, avoid the colorful tale chasing you and use the powerups. Survive as long as possible.

Power ups

Purple: You are invincible for 5 seconds.
Green: The tail freezes for 5 seconds. For 0.5 seconds you can cross it without dying.
Yellow: Tail scatters for 5 seconds, during this time you are not hurt by it.
Red: You can eat the tail for 5 seconds. If you managed to get the head the whole tail is destroyed.


1 point for a collected star.
10 points for a power up and eating a section of tail.
10 points * all tail bits * multiplier if eating head. Each time doing this increase multiplier with 1. 


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