Back at it with liquids

Summers out

Short, but sweet, the summer came and went like the years before. Here we are, back at work, longing for those weeks to come once more.

With the waters cold, let's make our own so bold. Let me present to the you the audience, a liquid of science.

An overstatement perhaps, child's play might better suit. None the less, a summer substitute.


Liquid area

The liquid area is an evolved version of a water area that already existed in the project. The water area was no longer working, as it was old and had not been updated to make use of the changes and additions made to the project. It was created before the projected started to use Tiled as an editor, so creating a water area was done by purely writing code.

The liquid area is created in Tiled, where you position and decide the size of it. You can also set a variety of properties to make the liquid have different behaviors. It's easy to to create different types of liquids and re-use them.


Thanks to the use of Mixins, as talked about previously, much of the coding for the liquid area could be simplified. It's mainly taking the data from the editor and creating configurations from it to pass to the mixins.

The liquid specific coding deals with applying forces to objects that are within the area, applying a filter, particles and to be able to move the water area up and down.


With the liquid area done, or at least a first version of it, it means that all old functionality that was in the project has been updated and improved. Time to move onto new things!

I'm going to try and make the rest of the features and functionality planned as quickly and simple as possible. The game itself needs to get started on soon, can't spend forever thinking of stuff that is nice to use... have to make use of it!

The latest development version can be tested in your browser. Cheers!


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