Day 1

Progress day one

Before the jam started I had prepared a git repository, added a starting template (have made an engine of sorts using pixijs, rapier and tiled)  and cleaned it from code/assets not for this project. Also created this temp itch page, along with just deciding to do something that would graphically be very simple.

Created some basic graphics, classes and a test level. The style will be on a 1970s level, but with some goodies like lights, particles and other effects. Gameplay nothing to complicated, but with some fancy physics.

Most of the day got spent on getting the player to move and jump. Originally planned to use the character controller method provided by Rapier. But could not get it to work reliable and after a few hours gave up and did another solution instead.

Ended the day with creating animations for the player movement.

The latest build is up and can be tested. Left, Right and Up are the keys, they should be configurable. Gamepad should work and touch as well, but have not tested yet.

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