Day 5

Day 5

Made up a lot for yesterdays troubles! Almost everything gameplay wise seems to be nearly done, or rather done as in for this jam. There is lots to do, if to continue the project after the jam. The last days will be concentrated on creating an actual level to play, music, sound and hopefully fix some menu and possibly a bit of an intro. 

Let's take a look at todays progress.

Updated sprites and animations to have a tad more fidelity in their 8x8 pixels. Not too much though, should be minimal.

Inkscape vector as pixels

New player looks and moves.

Civilian looks and movement

Zombie looks and movement, with player death.

Added a new object in form of a manhole cover that the player can open to get climb into cramped places.

Manhole cover thing to interact with to sneaky sneak.

Finished up picking, stacking and, almost, throwing. I had to add a new interaction button to get this done. I originally wanted to keep it to left, right, jump and duck. But could not get a good solution to dealing with picking up and throwing objects. Pick was OK, did a double tap down to pickup. This also worked fine for dropping. But I just couldn't get a good feel into it when trying to use double taps, or other solutions, to throw objects. With a dedicated button, all good! Have to fix a screen button for it for touch screens, but maybe not in time for the jam deadline.

Picking, stacking and throwing.

Thanks for reading!

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