Day 2

Day 2

Finished the player movement by improving behaviour around edges, slopes and rubble. It is possible to go left, right, jump and crouch. If crouching in the air, the player will get heavier and faster going down, which is intended to be used for some puzzles and interactions later.

The character collisions are setup in Tiled and then usable in script by having specific mixins that can take the data from tile and turn it into Rapier  physics objects.

Blue is the main collider, pink are sensors and the green are two additional shapes for the main collider used when animating.

Player with debug to show collider and sensors. The collider and head changes for jump, land and crouch animation.

With the player done, the rest of the day was spent on making some effects and starting on the zombie character. The zombies will wander around in groups, going back and forth between obstacles. This will be their idle state and finish it today. Tomorrow the plan is to add an alert state and hunting state. A short video to finish things of showing the zombies and their splatterness.

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