A short game

  • Uploaded with 5 minutes left. Did not make the game intended, but got a working demonstration. It is possible to complete the level.
  • Goal is to avoid/kill foes and find a friend.
  • *Update* Originally the download external file was my submission. When I solved creating a build that could be embedded on Itch, I updated the game page.
  • Play using arrows and interact with space. Gamepad should work and touch controls should work. When holding an object, holding interact a short amount before release throws the object.
  • All code/art/sfx created for this project except: Basic functionality in my "engine" to play sounds, import tiled data, setup collision detection, events and such. Menus is from my starter template, all functionality in them was already there, only tweaked coloring. Fire burning sound and menu music is pitched down sounds from another game of mine.
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AuthorSpelmakare Jens Nilsson AB
GenreSurvival, Adventure
TagsHorror, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Survival Horror


Dead Cry Death

Install instructions

Game runs of my site https://apps.spelmakare.se/dcd. Should work in any browser and device, but recommended to use Chrome/Chromium, Edge or Safari.

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